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My Girlfriend's an Evil Bitch

'My Girlfriend's an Evil Bitch' is my first attempt at making an interactive fiction (text adventure) game. If you aren't familiar with these types of games then the first thing you will want to do, when you begin playing, is to type "hint", try to resist the temptation to view the hints at solving particular puzzles, and read "Instructions for Play".

You can play the game on the site or download and play it on your pc or any device that supports 'Blorb' files (.gblorb). Either way you can save at any time using the command 'save' and load a saved game using the command 'restore'.

Play or Download My Girlfriend's an Evil Bitch (Release 13)

Previous Releases:
Release 12 (has some typos and an error message while performing one action)
Release 11 (had a false clue in the hint system)