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Morse Code Games

This set of games dates back to my early days of Visual Basic 6. They are simple but functional and a great exercise for anyone training in morse code. I originally made these for my mom who was studying for her ham radio license so if you are working on getting a license that requires knowledge in morse code, or you just want to become more proficient with morse code then these games will help.

At first you will want to keep this list of morse code letters and numbers handy while you run through the programs but eventually you will discover that you are referring to it less and less.

Java Morse Code Trainer

This is a quick and dirty java applet I threw together not long ago. It's on this page, over here!

Morse Code Hangman

This is a hangman game where take your guesses by entering letters in morse code.

Turbo Morse

This includes two games, in one you are asked to enter a randomly selected letter or number in morse code, look for the red highlighted letter or number and enter it correctly for points.
In the other game you are given morse code and you are to enter the corresponding letter or number.