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Particle Wars

Current version 1.2.0 Changelog


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Particle Wars is a multi-player spinoff of Quantum. You fly around a gamespace as a particle and leave a tail behind you. The objective is to capture your opponents within a loop of your tail. When only one player is left the round is over. Points earned during the round can be spent between rounds on powerups such as electrified tails, lasers, etc.. Or these points can be saved for later.
The game currently supports up to 6 players per server. You may download and run your own server if you wish. You have the option of having the server publish it's address to our central game-find server which will allow the general public to find your server, or to keep your server private. You can also put a password on your server if you wish to play only with a select few friends.

If you are experiencing an error message after installation you may need to run the installer again but give the installer administrator access. To do this right click on the installer and click "Run as administrator":