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Quantum is a remake of an arcade game from 1982, created by General Computer Corp. for Atari.

In this game you need to capture subatomic particles that are flying around. You control your own particle of sorts which leaves a tail. When you form a loop with your tail it creates a net for a split second. Any particles that are caught in that net will be captured. You can earn extra points by catching multiple particles in one swoop. If you touch a particle, however, you will die.

There are also bonus particles which cannot kill you but you can still capture for points, you do not need to capture these to move on to the next level.

At higher levels certain particles may form bonds betweem them, these bonds toggle between an inactive (blue) state, and an active (red) state. When the bonds are red, you cannot cross the bonding line between them, if you do, you shall die.

Although this game isn't 100% accurate to the original game, it does carry over all of the fun and unique game play experience, and even includes a few things the original did not.

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If you are experiencing an error message after installing you may need to run the installer again but give the installer administrator access. To do this, right click on the installer and click "Run as administrator":

If you would like more information about the original game, check out this web site: