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Splatter is a mini game that appears as an easter egg in Song Mixer, you can download it and play it here for free.

In this you paint red dots onto a canvas while computer players paint other colored dots. The round is timed, and the object is that by the end of the round you should have more of the canvas covered with your dots than any of the opposing colors.

If you try to paint a dot where another colored dot is, instead you will destroy that dot, you can then click again to paint your dot there. Because this takes multiple clicks it is therefore harder to paint over existing dots than it is to paint on an empty canvas. You can use this to set up barriers to keep the opposing players out of a region you wish to claim as your own.

You may paint your first dot anywhere you wish on the canvas, but as soon as you have one dot painted all other dots must be placed near to another dot of yours. This helps reinforce the border strategy.

At the end of the round, win or lose, you will receive some money. The amount of money depends on how many dots you had on the canvas, as well as the percentage of total dots that was yours. You will then be taken to a store where you can spend this money on "goodies". If you choose not to buy anything the money you have earned will be held over to the next round. You can save up for more expensive "goodies".

The "goodies" includes special dots which you can paint using the right mouse button. Examples include: a roaming dot that will roam around the board and convert enemy dots it comes in contact with into your own color, a virual dot that will convert any enemy dot in contact with it into your color, and also make it viral, a disinfectant dot that will convert a viral dot into a normal dot and make that dot your color, and more.

You start out with "energy" which allows you to click and drag to lay down many dots, but when your energy becomes depleated you will have to click without dragging. This can start to really work out your mouse muscles, but you can use either CTRL button in place of clicking if you wish. Energy will return in time but in higher levels it depleats faster and comes back slower, so by then the energy is only really useful for setting up the initial barrier walls.

Download Splatter

This is a free download, so try it today!