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Trolley Follies

System Requirements:

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Either a Commodore 64 (or 128 in C64 mode) or a Commodore 64 Emulator such as VICE.

Verison 1.3 (change log)

Download D64 trolley follies.d64 Version 1.3 - (Commodore 64 Disk Image)

Download SDA trolley v1.3.sda Self-Dissolving Archive for direct download to your C64

Manual (PDF)

If you would like to donate for this game then consider purchasing the game from ITCH.IO

For more levels, visit the Upload Center where you can upload your custom designed levels and download ones others have submitted.

NOTE to SD2IEC Users: There is an issue with SD2IEC which prevents this game from using the high scores files while operating within a .d64 image. You can get around this by extracting the files from the .d64 image into a folder on your SD card. One tool which would let you do this is DirMaster

Wanted: Trolley Conductors! Ever dream of driving a train?

Well now you can do it for a living at the Trolley division of the Convoluted Railroad Company.

Pick up passengers; deliver them to their destinations in a safe and timely manner, and move on to the next neighborhood.

Each new neighborhood offers increasingly confusing and convoluted track layouts. Avoid your opponent or damaged track segments to bring your passengers to their desired stop before they get too impatient. Pick up new passengers before they get impatient as well.

Are you up to the challenge of working in this fast-paced environment?!

Once you have become an expert in our neighborhoods build your own with the included Level Editor! Share your levels with others online!

Quick and Dirty Getting Started

  • Single player game, use joystick port 1
  • In a two player game, player 1 uses port 1 and player 2 uses port 2
  • Fire rotates the closest switch to you (unless you're parked on it then it rotates the next closest)
  • Drive to station platforms, pick up passengers (when they board they appear in the lower portion of the screen)
  • Take the passenger to the station matching their color
  • Passengers get angry over time. The happier they are when they get to where they're going the higher your score
  • Earn enough points to open the exit and go to the exit before the timer expires
  • Avoid broken track pieces until the repair crew can repair them