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Vector Runner

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NOTE: Please assure that you have version 7 or later of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.
Also, despite the fact that this is a Java program, at this time Vector Runner will only run on Windows based systems.

Vector Runner is a vector graphics based game written in Java. It is another in the line of Light Cycle genre of games.

However, this game has a few key differences: You die and must respawn only if: A) you run off the edge of the grid, or B) You hit a light beam while you have 0 points.
If you have points when you run into a light beam then you will continue on but you will lose a point and your light beam will be reset.
And most notably you can chose to forgo the 90 degree turns and use your mouse to turn smoothly, but if you do so then the NPCs will begin to do that as well.

Watch this demo on YouTube if you want to get a quick look at the game before installing.