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Song Mixer's Key Features:


Organize your music into one or multiple libraries. No matter if your collection consists of audio cds, mp3, wma, (or any other file format), folders on your computer, cd-roms, dvd-roms, networked file servers, or any combination of these. With Song Mixer you can organize them into a library which you can use to browse, listen to, copy to your mp3 player (in the case of audio cds ripping and encoding as you go), prepare for burning onto a mix disc (either audio or data disc), or just build playlists.


Song Mixer has advanced randomization abilities which allow you to quickly and easily come up with a random mix of music you know you'll like. Use the "mood ring" to select types of songs, favoring some genres more than others if you wish. Song Mixer will remember songs that have been chosen in the past, and how recently, so that your next mix will contain newer and less heard songs. You may also give songs, albums, and artists ratings which will affect how likely they will show up in random mixes.


If you're going to work with audio cds, and you wish to create data mix discs, or put songs onto your mp3 player, you will need to rip and encode those songs. As you know, mp3 players don't play audio cds, but with Song Mixer it's a very easy process to put an audio cd in your computer, connect your mp3 player, and copy those songs.

If you are going to create an audio cd from other audio cds, you can skip the encoding to mp3 stage, which will not only save you time, but also retain 100% of your music's quality.


Song Mixer works with nearly all USB mp3 players. Some budget players have annoyances which Song Mixer compensates for. For example many people have had difficulties getting their mp3 player to play the songs in the order they wanted, most will play the songs alphabetically by filename or song title. Song Mixer can add track numbers to the start of the filename, and song title while copying to your mp3 player (this feature can be disabled if your mp3 player doesn't work that way)

Some mp3 players may have both an internal memory and an expansion card. To your computer that's two devices each with a unique drive letter. Song Mixer uses them together as one device and automatically switches from copying from one drive letter to the next when the first one is full. Infact you could have an unlimited number of drive letters for an mp3 player, not just 2.

Also, Song Mixer is a great iTunes alternative for users of the iPod shuffle. If you purchased an iPod shuffle with the intent to simply drag and drop songs onto it, you have discovered that it's not that easy. But with Song Mixer, you can connect your iPod shuffle, drag and drop files into Song Mixer's mp3 player mode, click "Sync Changes" and you're good to go.

Download and Stream

Song Mixer lets you download and stream content from RSS feeds or other online sources. It will even let you know what's new.


Let Song Mixer take the frustration out of your music management so you can just get back to enjoying the music!

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