Previously if Song Mixer couldn't delete a file (such as from the mp3 player) it just logged this in the 
debug log and continued on.  Since this causes a cascade of errors (such as not having freed up space on 
your mp3 player for new songs), now an error message is shown and the user must close applications that 
might be using this file.

Added a very minor feature that will only work with the sandisk sdmx1.
It's so minor I'm not even going to tell you what it is.  In the future
I may try to expand it to work with more mp3 players, then I'll tell you what it is.

When opening an RSS feeds list, if you choose to append to rss feeds already listed
the file will not open, and nothing happens.

fixed: sorting your list by clicking on a column header now works again
the message "error in pluginscript" error should no longer show up in your debug.log file

fixed crash bug in the mood ring if you made sets, hit load instead of save, type in a name, hit okay.

fixed a minor bug while continuous playback is running, if you start playing other (like say rss feed)
it should leave continuous playback mode but didn't
You can now rename artists & albums by editing the details of one song and clicking the
appropriate button to copy that data to all other songs mathcing the (original, unedited)
artist or album.

A mistake in the installer was overwriting any changes you may have made to your dynamic buttons
when upgrading or installing again.  This should be corrected now.  The default dynbuttons file
will not be installed if you have an existing one already.

There were other bug fixes and changes but unfortunatly I failed to log what they were and I
forgot, sorry :/

The RSS mode now keeps track of which feeds you've downloaded and/or streamed so you can see what's
new and what isn't.

Updating got easier, now when you are notified that a software update is available Song Mixer will
give you the option of downloading and installing it without having to go to the web site.  In 
the interests of not being evil, however, the program still will not do this automatically without
you clicking "update".

Also, since the updater utility only downloads necessary components rather than the whole ~10 mb
install file, the download goes faster.

Minor bug fixes with downloading of RSS content.

When refreshing RSS feeds a download manager appears showing you the status of each feed
to be refreshed.  You can click "cancel" on any of them should the server become unresponsive
or you just don't want to add that particular feed.

There was a long standing problem with filenames containing exotic characters (like ) when
copied to the mp3 player.  This version performs better filename filtering so that copied files
(the copy on the mp3 player) receive legitimate filenames.

Some relief for those huge debug.log files, you can choose to log nothing, only errors (now default), 
or everything.

While importing music to your library from audio cds or your mp3 player you have to option to be asked
what folder to place them in.  This can be turned off in settings and thus will revert back to the old
way of doing it; using the folder defined in settings (usually c:\Program Files\songMixer\My Imported Music)

Upon subscribing to an RSS feed, Song Mixer will switch to the RSS mode.

Fixed a bug retrieving information from the freedb online cd database.

Introduced a bug in 3.4.1, removed it in 3.4.2!

Even more minor bug fixes.

Some minor bug fixes, you'll probably not even notice.

Fixed name that tune
the import audio cd dialog now supports up to 99 tracks

Fixed a small bug which sometimes led to a crash while adding songs to the playlist. 

You have more control over version checking... when the program checks to see if there is a newer
version available you can choose to not be informed if the new version is only a revision or minor
change from what you're currently using.
Added the ability to group songs by mood or genre on the mp3 player, mix disc, or playlist.  This can
be helpful if you don't use the mood ring to select songs but you still want to avoid going stright
from 'megadeth' to 'mozart'.
Corrected a bug where, if you shuffle songs, you would be asked "are you sure you want to move this
song" for each song.  Although you could turn that warning off in settings, it's quite annoying.  Now
you will not be asked "are you sure" while shuffling, even if you have that confirmation turned on
in settings.
When playing songs using "continuous playback", the currently playing item will appear near the top
of the list.
cross-referenced searches: you can narrow your search with multiple terms seperated by a semicolon (;)
if the search type is not defined, the one shown in the dropdown box will be used as a default.
(shows all rock songs with "baby" in the title)

Corrected a bug; while dragging & dropping in multiple songs only the first one would be added.

Along with a genre, each song can now have a "mood"; happy, angry, sad, etc.  You can use
any word you want.  For example if you want to say that a song makes you feed foobar, then
it's mood is foobar, even though that doesn't make any sense.  The mood ring can then be used
to select songs of a particular mood.  Ideally it should have done this all along however
"genre" doesn't very clearly define the mood of a song.  For example, under the genre "rock"
there can be any and all moods.  Each mood "set" can be limited to a particular mood.  So you
could say; give me a mix of songs that's happy, mostly rock, some country, and maybe just a 
little of anything else.  Or you could just put an "ALL" genre in the center of the mood ring
and set the mood to "happy" and then you would get a mix of happy music from any genre.
Another change is that the continuous playback previously only enjoyed in the playlist mode
can now be used in any mode.  Just as before with no songs checkmarked click the play button
and all songs starting from the one you had selected (orange) will play until you click the
play button again to cancel.  To skip to the next song press stop on the player.  This will
work with RSS feeds as well.

bug fixes, improved the custom mp3 types so that you can have more control over file naming,
astetic changes to the buttons on the main form.

Just some minor bug fixes.

Changed the dynamic buttons a bit, they can now be locked or unlocked to prevent accidently
deleting buttons.  Also buttons which partain to functions in a mode that you are not in
are still there and clickable, but greyed out.  If you click a greyed out button you will
switch to the appropriate mode.
The new function to import music to your playlists from your RSS feeds downloads, imported
music folder, or any other folder, has been made compatible with Windows 95/98.
When deleting songs from your playlist you will have the option of deleting the files but
this will not partain to entries that come from your library.  This is to make it easier to
delete RSS feeds, imported music, etc.. but without accidently deleting library songs.  As 
always you can still go to your trash can and toggle weather a trashed song should delete
it's file as well when the trash can is emptied.

The media downloader used for downloading files from RSS feeds was faulty.  It would
work sometimes but not always, usually depending on variations from site to site.  This
version uses a 3rd party downloader (WGET), which has been included.
There are now is a row for buttons at the top of the main form.  These are called 
"dynamic buttons", you can configure these buttons to do any function that can be done
from a menu item.  The program will come with a few predefined but you can remove or add
your own.
This is also the first version where we have removed the authentification system, that means
that the program is free of charge.

Added RSS mode feature which can be used to listen to and download podcasts and other
internet media content.
Repaired a few bugs which had been introduced in recent revisions, including a bug in
the cd ripping/mp3 encoding process.

Just fixed a small bug in the mood set feature.

Added Mood Swings! (aka Mood Sets).  You can use these to have multiple mood rings working
for you in sequence as Song Mixer is choosing random files to fill up your MP3 Player, Mix 
Disc, or Playlist.  

Fixed a bug when using an iPod Shuffle for the first time, sync would fail, but then if you 
sync'd again it would succeed.  Added menu keyboard shortcuts.  Added an icon in the top-left
corner of the song details form to tell you which list this song is on (library, mp3 player, 
mix disc, or playlist)

Two major changes in this version:  First, although Song Mixer still doesn't burn cds directly
it does now have plugin script abilities to interact with another program that will (such as 
Nero).  There are two scripts you can write, one for audio CDs and one for data CDs, since the 
command line arguments for each would probably be different.  The help doc will explain how to 
set up the scripts for use with Nero.  If you are using a different burning program those 
script examples should help you.  The second change expands on some of the mp3 player specific 
settings.  Added settings such as creating subfolders for artist and/or album, and a predefined 
root folder to place your songs into.  These settings are now encapsulated in "mp3 device types".
You can create as many different device types as you'd like, and each can have their own unique 
settings.  This way if you have, for example, a phone that can play mp3s but requires the songs 
to be in a certain folder, with a specific style to it's filename, you can have your phone set 
up that way while keeping settings for your other mp3 player(s) seperate.  When you go to add 
your mp3 player's drive letter, just pick the device type from the drop-down.  Where before it 
only had 'Standard' and 'iPod Shuffle' now it will include your custom device types as well.

This revision fixes a bug where if you try to checkmark a range of songs and you are either
filtering (search results), or sorting the list, the wrong songs would be checkmarked.  Also
now when you enter continuous playback in the playlist mode, the currently selected song will
be the first song to start playing.

The only change in this version is that the limitation of how many items may be on the
MP3 Player, Mix Disc, or Playlist lists, while running in demo mode, has been removed.
The only limitation now for demo mode is 100 runs.  If you are running 1.1.5 (full
registered version) there is no need to upgrade to this version, however you may if
you wish.

The primary change in this version is an added feature to the playlist mode.
The play button now has a 3rd use, if you click it and do not have any songs checkmarked
then Song Mixer will go into continuous playback mode, playing everything (online) on the
playlist, in the currently listed order (keep that in mind if you have any sorting or filtering
applied).  You may make changes to the playlist on the fly, either by dragging in songs from
another mode, or from outside of the program.  The currently playing item is highlighted on
the list.  In order to use this mode, you must be configured to use the internal media player.

Another minor change is, when you hover your mouse over the play or trash buttons there is a
new text box that will appear to describe how these buttons work, since they are multipurpose

there shouldn't be any more genres like '(12) Other', when a genre name is applied to a song
it will be automatically removed.  The tool to remove genre numbers from name in the genre
manager is still there however.  

fixed a bug in the mp3 mode, if the mp3 player is full, you add more songs, move them up so 
that their online status changes from "won't fit" to "no", other songs at the end of the list
will change to "won't fit". but weren't explicitly deleted upon syncing, so there wasn't free
space to copy the new songs.  Now when you start a sync, songs that "won't fit" are explicitly


when adding a new mp3 player drive letter, song mixer will try to determine if it's 
an iPod shuffle or not.  If it is, the dropdown will automatically change to iPod
shuffle.  The user can still change it back however.

the warning about using windows vista can be turned back on in settings

the program can now get the duration of non mp3 audio files, assuming the user has
windows media player installed.

a bug which caused the program to crash when you tried to add audio cd and there
was no audio cd in the drive has been corrected

there is a new mp3 player tool which you probably won't use often but it's there
for you if you want.  If you have a group of music on your mp3 player and
you have no idea what is it (the filenames are corrupted, id3 tags gone or useless)
but you suspect you have the same songs in your library you can try to identify
them.  It'll first search by id number (which if the song was put there by song mixer
should be within the id3 tag), then it'll search for a file close to the same size,
failing both of those it'll take a sample of data from the file, and check with
songs in the library.  However it will only be able to check with songs that are online
so that it can look into their files to find a match for that sample.

the addition of the time column previously has broken the ability to "check all songs in
this folder", this has been corrected.

the clock icon on the status bar which shows up while an external thread is running
has been changed to a pulsating blue sphere.  no real reason for this, just felt like it.

as before, if you use a search term like "num:1200" you will be shown item #1200, but
unlike before, if you just type "1200" (without the 'num:'), you will see the full 
list with item #1200 at the top.

when saving the playlist, the button would keep returning to red, it was saving but it
just wasn't remembering that it was saving.  This has been fixed.

when switching between list modes, the list will remain in the current position so you won't
have to re-scroll back to where you were.

when filling your mp3 player, mix disc, or playlist with random songs, and using the
mood ring, it would likely stop prematurely if one or more of the genres doesn't have any
songs in your library to fill it.  this is no longer the case.

previously it was possible a song or two might be on the mp3 or mix disc list but
not showing up because there isn't room for that song (mp3 player is full or mix
disc is full), now it will show up at the bottom of the list, but in the "Online?"
column it will show "Won't Fit", basically the same as "No" however syncing won't change
that to a yes, unless you where to remove some other song(s) to make room for it.

there was a bug in the playlist mode which would cause only the first song from an
.m3u playlist to load, this has been corrected.

revised the duration function to be more accurate

added settings to ignore (while choosing random songs) songs below or above
a certain number of minutes, this, in addition to the already existing
settings to ignore songs below or above a certain number of megabytes

when manually setting a song's duration, the "save library" button will turn red

some tool tip texts in settings where inaccurate, fixed.

when opening a library file, you will only be warned about it's version if:
a) you have not disabled this warning in settings AND...
b) the SML file's version is higher than your current program version
this is because all versions of Song Mixer should be 100% backwards compatible
with all previous versions, so no warning is needed.

times finally added, a time (song duration) column is now on the grid
this currently only works with mp3 files and audio cd tracks.  
In development we noticed it worked 99% of the time.

added a new search type (not on the dropdown), for the times:
duration<:10 (show songs less than 10 minutes long)
duration>:10 (show songs greater than 10 minutes long)
duration=:10 (show songs between 10:00 and 10:59 long)
shortcut is "du" (du<:10, du>:10, du=:10)
don't let the ':' confuse you, it's not there to indicate seconds rather than minutes,
it's there to seperate the search type (duration) from the search term (10 in this example)

the search type "directory"'s shortcut is now "di" instead of "d"

all online songs will be able to aquire their durations as they are listed
when the library is saved all songs that had aquired their durations will save it
into the library file so it will be known next time even if the song file is unavailable.

all cd audio tracks now know their durations no matter what, the information was already
available in the library as 4 characters of their insanely long id numbers.

in the song details, the duration is displayed, double click on it
and you can manually set the duration string.

from the menu, library->tools->force checkmarked songs to obtain their durations
this will force songs that are checkmarked to examine their files and try to get
their durations.  This feature was added with the idea that future versions may be
better at getting the durations of songs.

the settings dialog is completly changed to be less cluttered and more expandable.
changes in settings can be reverted.  Keeping with the look & feel of the rest
of the program, the "Apply" and "Okay" buttons turn red when there are unsaved changes

fixed a few issues that was making it difficult to use an iPod shuffle
there is still an intermittant issue when importing songs that were put there
by iTunes, you may have to sync more than once until they report as "online"
also it should be noted that songs put on your shuffle by Song Mixer may not show up
in iTunes.  Basically it's best to use one or the other.
manually deleting the song files (which iTunes put on) from your shuffle and 
then using Song Mixer seems to work best.

when you first run Song Mixer, if you are using Vista, you will be presented with a warning
reguarding accessing the help document, and that Song Mixer needs to be set up to
run with administrator priviledges.
you will only see this warning once.

when you are told that there is an update to the program, you have the option of 
not checking for updates on startup, previously you would have to go into settings
to change this.

when a library file is opened, it will check to see if it appears to be a valid song
mixer library.  Then it will check the version number of the library with the current version.

there is an option in settings to not warn you if the version number of the sml file
doesn't match the current program version.

grid column widths will be remembered as you have set them, these settings are saved either
on program close, or when you click "Apply" or "Okay" in settings.