Song Mixer

Dynamic Buttons

The buttons at the top of the main form are called dynamic buttons.  You can change which buttons are there, and how they are positioned.

To enable creation of a new dynamic button, deleting an existing, or re-arranging the buttons, click this padlock icon at the top-right of the form.  When changes are enabled this icon will turn green.

Creating a new button

To create a new button right click anywhere in the blank area to the right of the right-most dynamic button.  A new button icon will appear.

This icon indicates that this button currently has no function associated with it, but it is "recording".

To record a function into the button, select any menu item.  When you do that menu item's function will be recorded into the dynamic button.  The icon will then change.

Removing buttons

To remove a dynamic button, simply right-click on it.

Re-arranging buttons

To re-arrange dynamic buttons, click and drag the button left or right.