Song Mixer

Export as web page / Printing

You can make a printable web page of the current list by selecting, from the menu: "File" -> "Export current list as HTML".

You can type in the html file to export the list to, or click browse.

You can select up to 7 fields of data for each song.  Click on an orange field label and you will be presented with a list of possible fields, select from that list which data you would like in that field.

If you set a field to blank, and there are fields after it that are not blank, the field orders will be shifted down so that there aren't any blank fields between non-blank fields.

After Song Mixer is done creating the html file it will give you the option of opening it in your web browser.  Once you have done that you can print it if you'd like.

Simplicity: The look of the web page is kept extremly simple with no shaded cells, colors, or graphics because the purpose of this tool is to make the list printable.  Formatting it in this way is more printer friendly.