Song Mixer

Merging libraries

You may wish to merge two or more library files into one, there are two ways to do this.

Method 1

With one library open, attempt to open another.  Song Mixer will then ask you if you wish to load the contents of the second library in addition to the songs already loaded.  Then when you save the library all songs will be saved into the first library file, including those loaded from the second.  You may load as many libraries at once as you want.

Method 2

On the menu, click "Library" -> "Tools" -> "Merge Libraries"
This will bring up the library merging tool.  This will not necessarily effect the currently loaded library.

Click "Add File", and select a library file.  Repeat to select more library files.  When you have all of the library files you want to merge together on the list, click "Save As" and you can save the contents of those libraries into a new library file.

Using this method does not change the contents of the currently loaded library, so if you merged libraries together with the library merging tool and saved it overwriting your currently loaded library, you will have to reload the library to see the changes.