Song Mixer

Mix Disc Settings - File Size Modifiers

NOTE: The values in this image may not be accurate, this is just an example

What are size modifiers?

To understand size modifiers you need to understand the difference between compressed audio files and "uncompressed" audio cd tracks.  Typically an audio cd track will be around 10 megabytes (MB) per minute of audio.  This results in very large files and as a result you cannot get a lot of music on one CD.

The songs in your library are probably compressed using MP3, WMA, or some other standard.  Every standard has a different compression ratio.  MP3's for example are approximatly 1 megabyte per minute of audio.  These numbers are approximate because depending on how the music was encoded and it's bit rate, the compression ratio will differ.

The reason it's important here is because when you go to burn your audio cd, your files will be converted by whatever burning software you use and will become much larger.  So you cannot put 650 MB of mp3 files onto a 650 MB audio cd.  Instead we have to "pretend" that your songs are much larger then they really are so that when you go to burn your disc you will be able to fit all the song's you have selected.

The file size modifiers are only an educated guess since each song will be a bit different so it's still possible that your burning software will tell you that you cannot fit all of the songs you wanted onto one disc.

Do I need to change these modifiers?

Probably not, the ones that were set when you installed Song Mixer will probably work fine.  However it's possible that in the future new audio compression types will be invented with different compression ratios.  In this case you will need to define the type in Song Mixer, and set it's size modifier here.

How do I change a size modifier?

To change a size modifier just double click on the item on the chart, you will be asked for the new modifier.

Enter how many times larger the uncompressed audio file will be.

For example:
MP3   --  1 MB = 11 MB
(means 1 MB of MP3 will equal 11 MB of cd audio)