Song Mixer

Neighbor Link Chains

You can specify that two or more songs are links in a chain of songs in your library. 
If you do this, and Song Mixer randomly selects one of the songs in the chain, then all of the songs in that chain will be added.  This is especially helpful for intro songs, or songs that blend well into the next song and you enjoy listening to them together.

To link songs together, double click on a song in your library to view it's details. and then click the orange "View Neighbors" button

There are shown two checkboxes, the first corresponds to the previous song in the library and the second corresponds to the next song in the library.
In this example the first checkbox is disabled becase the song before this one in the library is not part of the same album.  You may only link songs together that have the same artist and album, and must be adjacent to each other.

The image above is a good example for this feature because 'Cluster One' is an intro song to the whole album.  If you are picking a random mix of music and 'Cluster One' was chosen, it would be irritating to listen to only the intro to the next song without also listening to the next song.

If you place a checkmark in the box for the next song ('What do you want from me"), you will form a link between these two songs.  If Song Mixer randomly selects either song, both will be used together, in the correct order.

You can link entire albums together if you wish, but be warned that if you do, and Song Mixer randomly selects any song from that album, the entire album will be added to your MP3 player, Mix Disc, or Playlist.  The only exception is if there wasn't room on your MP3 player, or Mix Disc to fit the album.

NOTE: Even though neighbor link chains is a feature for random song picking, when a chain is added all other rules which could cause a song to be rejected will be ignored.  Although the initial song that was randomly chosen will obey these rules, all other songs in the chain will be added reguardless of their probability of acceptance or if they are marked for "Never randomly select this song"

When songs are moved in the list their neighboring links could change or break.  If you move songs in the library you should look at them and verify that they are linked the way you wish.

You may turn neighbor linking off or on in the settings.  This will not break established links between songs it will only make Song Mixer ignore them until you turn neighbor linking back on.

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