Song Mixer


Searching is done through the use of filters.  You can filter the list to display only songs matching a certain search term.  At the top of the list is the filter area.  By default the search term will be applied on all fields. but if you click "All" you will be able to change it to search within only one field, for example: Artist.

Then type in what you would like to search for in the text box, and either press enter or click the "Appy" button.  The list will then display only songs that match the search filter.

You can click "Clear" to remove the filter and again display all songs.


You can sort the list by a field by clicking on the field header.  By default songs are sorted by song number (the "#" field) so to return to the default sort just click on that field header.

Changing the sort order will not renumber songs or have any affect other than how the list is displayed.

Shortcuts & Special Searches

A shortcut to setting a search field is to include it in the search text.  For example, you can type in "artist:beck", and get a list of all 'beck' songs even if the filter type is set to something other than artist.

There is a shortcut to this as well, rather than typing in "artist:" try just typing "ar:" or "g:" for genre.  You only need to type as many letters as are necessary to distinguish it from any other field name.

This also allows for special searches which aren't found on the filter type drop down.  Below is a list of search types you may use, the letter(s) in paranthasis is the minimum you would have to type to use that search type

Along with these, there are two other terms you can use in the filter text box.  If you type in a song number the list will jump to that song.  This is unlike the num: search because you will still see the full list, but with the song number you entered at the top.
Another similar entry is to just put a question mark (?) in the filter text box, this will do basically the same thing except with a random song.