Song Mixer

Getting updates

Song Mixer can notify you if there is an updated version of the program available for download.  This is a non-intrusive feature that will NOT download or install the update, nor will any personal information be sent to our servers.  When Song Mixer checks for updates it will contact our web site, check the latest version number, and cross-check that with your version number, if they do not match then you will be notified that there is an update.

Updates are available at

Bug reporting & Feature requests

If you have found a bug in our program we encourage you to contact us and report it.  We look forward to feedback from users of our products to help us improve.
Also, if you have an idea for a feature that would be good for Song Mixer, we welcome that as well.  Please visit us online at to report any bugs or to request new features.


All Song Mixer code written by: Thomas Powers of Black Castle Software.
This does not include plugins for CD Ripping and MP3 Encoding

The included CD Ripper is CDDA2WAV.  To learn more about CDDA2WAV please visit their web site at:

The included MP3 encoder is LAME.  To learn more about LAME, or to obtain the source code for LAME, please visit their web site at sourceforge:

Downloading of content from the RSS mode is handled with WGET.

The audio cd database is Free DB.