Song Mixer

Updating your Library

Your music collection is probably constantly growing and changing.  To accomodate this you can easily update your library.

Scanning for new songs

To scan for new songs you've recently added to your collection, and have them added to your library, just open your library and then click "Add songs to library".  Select the root folder just as you did when you first created the library.
Song Mixer will add all the songs it finds however will skip ones that are already in the library, thus adding only the new songs to your library.

Locating lost song files

If you have recently deleted or moved songs the information in the library may be inacurate.  To identify which songs are missing their files click (from the menu) Library -> Tools -> Checkmark all ONLINE songs who's files are missing.
Song Mixer will now run a scan, songs that are marked as online, but the file cannot be found, will be checkmarked.  After the search is complete, Song Mixer will automatically apply the "checked:" search filter to display only checkmarked songs.  You can then easily trash the checkmarked songs, or examine their details and select the location of the file.