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NOTE: You will need the .NET framework installed to be able to use some of these tools. You can download it from Microsoft

Tool.NET required?
CATalog NAvigation Program, is an application to catalog your backed up cd and dvd roms, browse their contents in a hierarchical view, and perform searches
This tool will split up a file into multiple chunks of any size, and later recombine them. Use this if you need to backup a file that's too large to fit on the DVD/CD, Thumb Drive, or whatever media it's too large to store it. Great for Hard Disk images.
So you've got a video you want to burn onto a dvd as an AVI, and it's just 150 kb too big to fit. You know that last 150 k is about 3 frames of the tail end of the credits and you can live without it. This tool will make a copy of a file (or a group of files) and conveniently forget to write the last X bytes for you, thus trimming it.
This is an offline map editor for the game of Everquest.
Clockworks is a multi-clock super stopwatch