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Trolley Follies - Custom Level Help

Installing and using these new levels

The Trolley Follies game will support up to 99 levels. The game will look for the level file by the text 'lvl' plus the level number. If the level number is between 1 and 9 then the file name should be 'lvl01', 'lvl02', 'lvl03', etc... If the level number is 10 or higher then the file name should be 'lvl10', 'lvl11', 'lvl12', etc...

You may put these levels on the same disk (or disk image or in the same folder) as the Trolley Follies game just be sure to assign level numbers which aren't in use and preferably in order. If there is a gap in your level numbering the game will, when it reaches that gap, think that there are no more levels and will tell you that you have cleared all levels.

You can, however, start the game out on any level you want. You also do not need to put the levels on the Trolley Follies disk but instead put them on a separate disk or multiple disks if you have many levels. You can either swap out disks after the game has loaded or put the levels disk in a different drive and use the game menu to have Trolley Follies load the levels from the other drive (device # 8, 9, 10, or 11).

If you are doing this on a PC, playing in an emulator, the easiest way to add these files to a disk image (.d64) file is to use a tool such as DirMaster. This tool allows you to work with .d64 disk images to put files into and take files out of them.

DirMaster also comes in handy if you have created your own level using the Trolley Follies level editor and you want to upload it to this site.

These downloads have .seq file extentions. DirMaster will understand, when you put the file into a .d64 image, to remove the extension from the filename but will use the extension to mark the file as a sequential file. If you use some other method to store these files (such as direct downloading to your C64) then you will need to rename the file to remove the '.seq' part of the filename.