Song Mixer

Device Tagging

Because you can have different types of audio devices managed by Song Mixer, it would be a pain to reconfigure your mp3 player each time you switch from one type to another.

The first step in solving that problem is custom device types

The second is to allow Song Mixer to tag a device as it's added so that next time this device is connected it'll know what device type it is, and which settings should be used for it.

A tag is nothing more than a tiny text file in the root folder of the device called "smxr.nfo" and in there nothing more than the name of the device type.  Your mp3 player should ignore this file, and because the file is so small it shouldn't affect how many songs you can have on the device.

It is possible, though unlikely, that your mp3 player may take issue to having unrecognized files on it.  Therefore it is possible to disable this feature in settings.

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