Song Mixer

Recent Session Timeline

When Song Mixer randomly chooses songs using the Fill with Random feature, it will remember the ID numbers of these songs in a file for future reference.  How these are treated depends on the session timeline, found under "Randomization" in settings.

The purpose of this is to make sure your next mix of music doesn't contain songs you have recently listened to.  Song Mixer wants your mix to be new and fresh.

The example shown above shows the default settings for the timeline.  The mixer icons represents a mix of music created for one session, such as the music you put onto your mp3 player today, or the music you burned onto a cd yesterday.  The mixes on the right are the most recent mixes, and the mixes on the left are older mixes.

Look at the most recent mix, there is a text box with a "50%" in it.  This means that if Song Mixer randomly chooses a song that was also in the most recent mix, it's probability of being accepted into your new mix is dropped by 50%.

The text box between mixes (which in our example shows 10%) sets how much this probability will decrease for each mix as we move back on the timeline.
Therefore, songs found in the 2nd most recent mix will have their probability of being accepted dropped by 40%.

Eventually, as you make more and more mixes, songs in previous mixes will have the same probablity of being accepted as any song, that way you can recycle music and listen to it again while still prefering songs that have not been chosen recently.

You can change the numbers in the blue text boxes, which will affect the numbers in the grey boxes.

Optional Settings

Below the recent session timeline are two checkboxes for optional settings reguarding the recents system:

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