Song Mixer

Fill with Random feature

One of the key features of Song Mixer is to allow it to select songs from your library at random.  There are two methods that can be used: A) completly at random with no reguard to style and genre, or B) using the mood ring to select songs that fall within a certain range of styles and genres.

Mood Ring: Using the mood ring requires that you have a well organized library, at least with reguard to song genres.

A note about Playlist mode

When filling your MP3 player, or Mix Disc with random songs, songs will be chosen and added until the MP3 player, or Mix Disc is full.
However, when filling your playlist with random songs, the playlist doesn't get full, it can have as many songs as you'd like on it, therefore an artificial limit is imposed by Song Mixer, which is 10% of the number of songs in your library.  You can add more, however, after the fill is complete, just click "Fill with random" again.


You can abort the random selection of songs by clicking the button at the lower-right corner of Song Mixer:

A note about song rating

Song mixer uses many techniques to choose songs and does not just choose them entirely by random.  One of the key variables which might allow one song to be chosen over another is it's rating.  By default, each song has a rating of 0%.  In the Song Details form, you can adjust the rating of songs in your library either positivly (for songs you like) or negativly (for songs you don't care for much).  You can set it anywhere from -50% to +50%.

Other considerations

The other considerations Song Mixer uses;  The genre (if you are using the mood ring),  how recently the song was chosen, this information is kept in the 'recents.xml' file, and if a song is a remix of another song already chosen then it will not be picked (This option can be disabled in settings).

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