Song Mixer

Working with Audio CDs

This section is about working with CDs that currently contain audio.  This section is not about putting together your own CD, for that please see the Mix Disc section

Adding tracks

Audio CD tracks can be added in two ways.  If you drag in .CDA files (found on the audio cd), or if you click (from the menu) "Playlist -> Add Audio CD Tracks", "MP Player -> Add Audio CD Tracks", "Mix Disc -> Add Audio CD Tracks", or "Playlist -> Add Audio CD Tracks".  Either way the result is the same, the "Add CD Tracks" dialog will appear:

If you dragged .cda files into Song Mixer, then the drive letter that those files are on will be selected on the drive dropdown, otherwise the first drive that appears to be an audio CD will be selected.

By default, Song Mixer will attempt to use an online database to obtain information about the songs.  Artist, Album, Titles, and Genres can be obtained using the online database.  However you will need to be connected to the internet to use this feature.  You can reconfigure the online database settings by clicking on the green '>' button.

The lower portion of the form shows up to 99 tracks, in the example above only 10 are shown because the CD in the drive only contains 10 tracks.  Yellow tracks are set to be added, while grey tracks are disabled.  If you dragged in tracks 3,4, and 6 (for example) then those tracks will be yellow while all others will be grey.  You can click on any track to enable or disable.  Clicking "All/None" will toggle all tracks on or off.

When you are ready to being importing the music, click "Add"

How audio CDs are treated

Normally when you bring audio CD tracks into song mixer the songs on the list are mearly references to the tracks on the CD.  You will need to have the CD on hand to play the songs.

When adding audio CD tracks to the library, you are given the option of having the tracks ripped and encoded to MP3 files, which will be copied into your imported music folder.

When syncing your MP3 player with audio cd tracks, the tracks will be ripped and encoded to MP3 and copied to your MP3 player.

When syncing your Mix Disc with audio cd tracks, the tracks will be ripped to wav and copied to your mix disc folder.  However, if the Mix Disc type doesn't use file size modifiers then Song Mixer assumes you are creating a data cd, and will then proceed to encode the wav files into MP3 files, and then copy those to your mix disc folder.

NOTE:  During ripping and encoding, Song Mixer will use the "ripTemp" folder (found in the main Song Mixer folder, probably c:\Program Files\Song Mixer\ripTemp) as a work area.  .WAV and or .MP3 files may stay here so you should visit it once in awhile to clear out any song files you no longer want and may be wasting valuable hard drive space.


The cd ripping and mp3 encoding in Song Mixer is handled through the use of 3rd party plugins.  Please see the plugins section for information on reconfiguring Song Mixer to use a different ripper/encoder.  Also please see the updates section for credits and thanks to the creators of these programs.