Song Mixer

Mix Disc

You can use Song Mixer to prepare music for writing onto a cd using the Mix Disc mode.
Song Mixer will not convert the songs, or write the disc, but you can take advantage of the random song selection features of Song Mixer.
Songs will be copied to a working folder of your choice, and you can use another cd authoring progarm such as Nero to write these to a disc.

NOTE: See the Plugins section for help setting up Song Mixer to burn CDs

Select the Mix Disc list mode using this button.

Status Indicator

As with the MP3 Player list mode you will notice this button contains a small colored dot in the upper left corner, this is the status light.

Progrss Bar

Also, as with the MP3 Playst list mode, you will notice a progress bar below the button which indicates how full your Mix Disc is.  This depends on how many songs you have on the list, their sizes, and the capacity of the Mix Disc.  Also, because CD Audio files are generally larger than MP3, WMA, and other compressed audio file types the file size of each song will be intentionally misreported by Song Mixer depending on your settings in File Size Modifiers.

Configuring your Mix Disc

To configure your Mix Disc, first select the Mix Disc list mode button, and then click 'Mix Disc Settings'.

Now click Browse and select the folder you wish to use.  This should be an empty folder where songs will be copied to.

Select the type of disc you will be writing these songs too.  This will determine both the capacity, and weather or not Song Mixer should modify the file sizes of your songs.
See more on this subject in "File Size Modifiers".
When you are done, click "Done", the status light should change to green and your Mix Disc is set up and ready to have songs added to it.
Clicking "Sync Changes" will copy the songs to your Mix Disc folder.

Can I play an audio CD in this mode?

No, this mode is for preparing music to burn onto an audio cd.  However you can use Song Mixer to play an audio cd, see "Playing an Audio CD"

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