Song Mixer

Adding new RSS feeds

There are many ways to add new RSS feeds to Song Mixer

Drag & Drop from your web browser
If you are visiting a web page which contains audio media you'd like to add to Song Mixer, you can click and drag an icon near the URL shown in the address bar.  The exact way to do this differs depending on which web browser you are using.

Here, in Firefox, you can click and drag this icon into Song Mixer.

Use your browser's "subscribe" feature
If the web page is a legitimate RSS formatted page, your browser should give you an option to subscribe to the feed using a program.

Here, in Firefox, you can select "Choose Applicaion" & browse to Song Mixer.  After the first time Song Mixer will be on the list next time and you won't need to browse for it.

From within Song Mixer
You can also simply click "Add Feed" under the RSS mode and enter the URL of the RSS feed.

Once a feed has been added, Song Mixer will connect to that web site, download the most recent document, and search its contents for usable media links.  Links will be added to the list.  This process may take a while depending on your internet connecton speed, as well as the speed of the web site.

You can have as many feeds on a list as you want.  The feeds list file Song Mixer saves contains references to all of the RSS feeds and URLs that have been added.

To keep loading time down, if you have a lot of feeds, you may want to organize your feeds into seperate files.  Perhaps you could have different files for different types of feeds.

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