Song Mixer

RSS Mode

(R)eally (S)imple (S)yndication

The RSS mode is a way you can add your favorite online shows, or sometimes referred to as "podcasts", to Song Mixer.

Ideally you should import RSS or XML links, but any web page that contains links to media files that are recognized by Song Mixer as legitimate audio files should work.

In the settings section, you can define what is a legitimate audio file.

The RSS mode is different from the other modes in that it doesn't contain "songs", instead it contains links to online media.  These links are updated every time Song Mixer opens your feeds list file, so new episodes of your favorite audio programs will show up automatically.

Because the entries on the RSS list are not songs, you cannot drag songs to the RSS mode.  You can however drag entries FROM the RSS mode to other modes.  Doing this will download the media file to your computer and add the entry to the desired list as a song.

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