Song Mixer

Downloading RSS Media

Media from RSS feeds can be downloaded to your computer so that they can be imported into your library, copied to your MP3 player, or burned onto a Mix Disc.

You can download items the same way you copy songs from one mode to the other.  To download one item, drag it onto the mode button for the mode you'd like to send it to.  To download multiple items, checkmark the ones you want, then drag one of them onto the mode button for the mode you'd like to send them to.

If you drag the items onto the Library or Playlist modes, the media will be downloaded to a permanent location specified in settings.  If you drag them to your MP3 player or Mix Disc they will be downloaded to a temporary location specified in settings, and then copied to your MP3 player or Mix Disc when you click "Sync Changes'.  When you exit Song Mixer, contents of your temporary folder will be removed to save hard drive space.

It is possible RSS feeds may contian live streams.  Attempting to download a live stream will PROBABLY NOT WORK!  Because the file has no real "end" to it, the download would go on forever, unless you click "abort".  Also many online broadcasters have set up systems that disallow you to download their live content.

You may, of course, stream the live feed and listen to it at your computer.

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